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When do classes start?

January 4

How much do classes cost?

Single drop in classes are $16 each. Once a week classes are $60 each month. Twice a week classes are $110 each month. Three times a week classes are $155 each month. Four times a week classes are $190 each month. Unlimited classes a week are $250 each month. 


Payments other than single class will reoccur each month for the three months of the session and can be cancelled at any time. 


We also offer scholarships and sponsorships through Pay it Forward classes.  Sponsors can choose to buy a class, a session of classes, or make a donation which goes to a student in need.

Who are the classes for?

Our goal is to offer after school arts programs for middle and high school students, but we welcome the whole family to partake if they want. Each class may be attended by anyone in the house at that time (yes, friends too), including adults, but are set at a middle to high school appropriate level. 

How long is a session?

The Vault offers classes in three-month-long sessions.  If a student signs up for a monthly class, they will automatically be signed up for the three months, but Students are allowed to cancel at anytime.

Do you have scholarships?

Yes!  If you are interested, please fill out the scholarship form on our Plans and Pricing page. 

How do classes work?

Vault classes are held via Zoom. Zoom is accessible through a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, however it’s easier and smoother to download the Zoom app on a computer or mobile device.

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