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Taught by Emily, this beginning level dance class is tailored for in-home learning, understanding that dance students typically do not have a studio in their homes, but want to dance. Each class begins with a warmup that focuses on strengthening and stretching and technique and ends with learning choreography and a cool down. This class will run twice a week. Students may take either or both.


Ms. (Emily) Zack’s beginner level French class, open to all middle and high school students looking to learn French or review beginning French skills. In this class we cover all the basics, from greetings to numbers to weather to food to Francophone art through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This class is assessment-free and has optional
homework practice and no French knowledge necessary to join.


Open to all ages including adults, this class targets seasoned dancers or new dancers who have not danced much (if at all) during the pandemic. Each class begins with a warmup that focuses on reacquainting the body to dance and a new form

of dance class, as well as strengthening and stretching and technique. Class ends with learning choreography and a cool down. Sign up for this class at


with Vivid Motion

A class for middle and high school writers and aspiring writers, all levels, taught by Emily. Held in writer’s workshop format, this class focuses on exercises, writing prompts, and writing techniques as well as sharing aloud and critiques to develop the student’s individual writing work. This class will run twice a week. Students may take either or both.


post quarantine
creative writing

Bruce's Hip Hop dance class will teach foundational styles including New Jack, Locking, House, Breakin', Whacking, Stepping, New School/Video, and Popping. Each class will begin with a warmup, including light fitness and choreography, and some teaching of the history of the dance forms and Hip Hop culture.


Taught by Bruce, this will class focus on foundations in drawing using a range of organic to non-organic subject matter. Students will learn proportion, shading and tone, basic composition,

how to work with line, and other techniques. Students may work digitally or traditionally with pencil/graphite, pen, marker, brush, or pretty much anything that will create lines on a surface.


For elementary school creators, this class is designed to facilitate a journey into the use of line and shape to communicate ideas. Kids can use paper and any writing or drawing implement to join Bruce in this quest to find their voice.

Drawing Adventures

hip hop

In this dance class Bruce will teach the various styles of popping, including Boogaloo, Waving, Botting (the Robot), Strutting, Hitting, Animation, and the ever popular Tutting. Its focus will be using isolations and quality of movement to express and connect to music in new ways. There will be a warm up geared towards fine motor muscle control, fast twitch muscle strength, and flexibility which enables popping's angular shapes.


In Comic Book Art, Bruce will highlight the various artistic steps in creating comics, from character creation, to pencils and storyboards, to finishes and inking, to basic color, to lettering. Students will create an original character and give them life using digital or traditional mediums.


comic book art
drawin ventures
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