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The Vault After School Arts program offers a variety of online arts classes to middle and high school students designed to enrich their education, provide a safe space to encourage

development as artists, and create a nurturing local arts community. We seek to shelter and support youth art and artists in Maine.

The Vault After School Arts believes in the importance of accessibility to the arts. When a student signs up for our classes, the class is open to that student’s entire household to encourage creativity and connection to families during this isolating time. We offer many scholarships as well and opportunities for families to sponsor a class for a student.

We do not discriminate by creed, color, sexual orientation, gender, or religion. We believe a

community is made more beautiful by its diversity.

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During the pandemic we have turned to each other and the arts for comfort. We believe in the

power of the arts as a healthy way to cope with life’s struggles, as a way to get to know oneself

and the world more deeply, and as an important form of self expression and connection to

humanity. We wish to provide students an opportunity to experience art as well as foster their

growth into artists themselves.


All classes are held via zoom and are designed for remote learning.  Once a student registers and signs up for a class they will be sent their class zoom link.  Students may sign up to take a a class a month, multiple classes a month, or a single class as a drop-in.  The class they sign up for is open to their entire household; siblings, parents, friends are welcome to join.


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Emily has taught in the Portland Public Schools for twenty years. She studied French at the University of Southern Maine and earned her Masters Degree in Creative Writing. She is a classically trained ballerina, and dancer and choreographer for the Portland based dance company Vivid Motion.


Bruce is Maine’s first authentic Hip Hop teacher, trained in Urban Dance forms (Breakin’, Poppin’, Lockin’, Step, and House). He has taught dance and visual arts all across the state at dance schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Bruce studied visual and digital arts at MECA and SMCC. Known as DJ Thunder, Bruce DJs local clubs and events and teaches private DJ lessons through Guitar Center.

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